Welcome to the Sexy Voice Club

Liz Taylor said: "Your voice is the most imporant part of your sex appeal."

Your voice is just like a musical instrument, it can sound sexy or serious, but like learning to play an instrument, you have to learn how to ‘switch on’ the right voice for any occasion. If you want to sound ‘sexy’, you have to be able to control the tone, pace (slow down) and pitch (your No. 5 Voice) of your delivery.


Most of us pay a great deal of attention (and money) on the way we look, but nothing on the way we sound. So what does your voice say about you?


Remember, you have to to sell yourself before you can sell your product, service or idea. Improve the way you sound and learn how to use your voice to impress. It doesn’t matter what you say or in which language, if you can ‘switch’ on your sexy voice, you will make a better impression.


It’s been proven that people respond more favourably when they hear a pleasant voice.
They will be impressedand remember you and what you’ve said.